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of the united states postal service located at 133 hare road in crosby, texas, as the army first sergeant david mcnerney post office building. the speaker pro tempore: pursuant to the rule, the gentlewoman from new york, ms. buerkle, and the gentleman from virginia, mr. connolly, each will control 20 minutes. the chair recognizes the gentlewoman from new york. ms. buerkle: thank you, mr. speaker. i ask unanimous consent that all members may have five legislative days within which to revise and extend their remarks and include ex -- extraneous material on the bill under consideration. the speaker pro tempore: without objection, the gentlewoman is recognized. ms. buerkle: thank you, mr. speaker. i would now like to yield as much time as he may consume to my distinguished colleague from the state of texas, sponsor of this legislation, mr. poe. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from texas is recognized. mr. poe: i thank the speaker and i thank the gentlelady from new york for yielding time. mr. speaker, it was the vietnam war. it was march, 1967. 45 years ago. army first sergeant david mcnerne
texas and deliveries and the may find themselves in history of couple of decades later. >> focusing on medical care you right to the black panther party they were heirs to the mostly and chartered tradition of african-american health politics. >> we have not looked closely enough because of the medical activism. with jim crow that we've understand that to included health care. back across the 20th century with the initiatives this important that health care is always there. so to look at the end genealogy of student nonviolent coordinating committee and advocating to back to this that were hurt and local communities. they turned to health care and dealing with the '60s and '70s and black activism. >>host: what transpired? >> lots of interesting things. they had the national network of health clinics mandated that every chapter of the party were springing up all over because the panthers had captured the attention of disaffected young people. you had to have the health care clinic to start a chapter. was basic preventive care and adoption referrals for those who had more serious iss
metro de texas, pero el dolor lo han sentido mucho >>rebeca wingo partio para enlistarse en la fuerza aérea, trabajo como traductora y dio a luz a dos niñas >>su mejor amigo la recuerda leyendo su públicacion en facebook >>ella estaba emocionada su hija menor había entrado a la escuela, eso la llenaba de orgullo >>era un joven ejemplar, bastante talentoso, era nuestro súper héroe, >>su tío conto que este aspirante a chef estaba en un momento de mucha felicidad, se preparaba para celebrar su primer años de matrimno >>brend loah se san antonio se recupera. la familia agradecio el apoyo de la comunidad. >>jessica ghawi de san antonio, que estaba en colorado en busqueda de sus sueños , ser presentadora de tv. >la policía de richmond busca dos sospechosos que dispararon e hirieron a dos personas. luego de disparar contra miembros de una pandilla. >>la policía de aokland busca a dos sospechosos posiblemente hispanos, cuando un uniformado perseguia a una camioneta, fue entonces que un vehículo abrio fuego contra la patrulla >>se busca a dos jóvenes que descargaron sus armas en una p
with the national guard resources and local flooding. this is also supported the texas rangers and the fbi and others. this is a force multiplier for military operations and border security. but we are on the edge of a new horizon. connolly there are 200 active tickets of authorization issued by the federal aviation administration to over 100 different entities, law enforcement departments and academic institutions, to fly these drones domestically. on the monitor, we see the locations of these recipients as of april 2012. the number of recipients has increased since that time. the faa plans to select six test cities for the use of the non- government drowns this year to allow the deployment of non- government drowns by the year 2015. the faa is responsible for ensuring these systems safely, with only 2.5 short years until they dominate the skies, no federal agency has taken the lead for the full implications of these unmanned aerial systems and developing the policies and guidelines for their use. four years ago, the government accountability office recommended to the city -- the secretar
and texas. he currently practices law and rights of bed for the st. louis post-dispatch. he teaches constitutional law at greenville college in illinois and has started many local constitution close to educate americans about the constitution the name of his book is "it's okay to say "god." please welcome tad armstrong. [applause] >> thank you so much. good morning. said to say it's not such a good morning in or call ron aware 15 to this point have lost their lives and numerous others injured by a lone gunman. i would ask you some time during the day to take a moment and after prayers for families of the victim's as well as the perpetrator in that sad event in, around. life goes on. would you agree with me they yesterday's energy was contagious in this room? what a marvelous facility the heritage foundation has year. and it's a privilege to speak today. i grew up in illinois and continue to reside there with my wife, our four kids to my grandkids, and hopefully more on the way. that's a stone's throw from where phyllis and her husband raise their family and she now resides in missou
. as if this plot was not frightening enough, cutting edge research out of the university of texas in austin has revealed more security vulnerabilities. specifically researchers from the cockle school of engineering led by dr. scott humphries proved that unmanned aerial systems can be hacked into and hijacked with a relatively small investment of money and time. these findings are alarming and revealed the gaping hole in the security of using unmanned aerial systems domestically. now is the time to insure these vulnerabilities are mitigated to protect our aviation system as the use continues to grow. the department of common securities mission protect the homeland. d h s seems either a disinterested or unprepared to step up to the plate to address the proliferation of unmanned aerial systems in u.s. airspace spirit the potential threats they pose to our national security hwill be used including protecting civil liberties of individuals under the constitution. in discussion with my subcommittee staff, department officials repeatedly stated that the department does the see this function as part of
,000 or 3,000? we have the ultimate bull bear debate coming up. >> that's polarized. plus texas instruments is getting ready to report its earnings which could have an impact on the trading tomorrow. instant analysis of those numbers coming your way. in the meantime, let's take a look at how we wrapped up the day on wall street. dow finishing down by triple digits. 101 points to the down side. you think we were down right early on, down by 239 points. we really came back a long way. nasdaq still down by 35 points. s&p off by 12. as we saw, stocks finishing lower. but you know what, it could have been a whole lot worse. fell a lot more than that. managed to post a late rebound. closed down by 101 points. nevertheless, this is the eighth straight week. blue chip index closed lower on a monday. >> yeah. fears about europe and the economy pushed down stocks more this week. with us today larry from barclays. ryan jacobson from wells fargo advantage funds. bob, what do you think? where do we go from here? what are we to make of today's big drop at the open? then this -- bit after comeback. >> wel
the spirit to go on but we'll never forget. >> reporter: the sorrow has spread across the nation. in texas jessica ghawi's parents are grieving. no parent should go through that. >> reporter: as families mourn survivors struggle to make sense of the blood shed. air force reservist was trained for war. >> there was nowhere to hide. >> reporter: nothing prepared her for this. she lost her friend staff sergeant jesse childress. >> him dying has been the hardest thing because you know i ended up with some buck shot in my hand but his life is gone. >> reporter: aurora was just ranked the ninth safest city in the country. at rosie's diner the busy sunday breakfast crowd is still in shock. >> this is our theater. you would never guess something weird like that was going to happen in your backyard. >> reporter: cheryl groner has three daughters. reyna is six years old the same age as the youngest victim, veronica moser. >> i tried to explain it as much as i can so they can understand without going into details. >> reporter: three days have passed since the shooting. the emotion and tears here are
people have died after their pickup truck slammed into two trees in texas. 22 people, including children, were packed into that truck that was equipped with an extended cab. they may have just crossed the border from mexico. >>> and our other big story this morning, penn state about to get slapped with penalties for turning a blind eye to child sex abuse allegations. >> the ncaa will announce the punishment this morning, a day after the university removed a statue of its legendary head football coach. more now from abc's tahman bradl bradley. >> reporter: joe paterno's iconic statue at penn state is gone. hauled away in shame yesterday behind a plastic blue tarp. many said it had to go. that a shrine to the legendary football coach was no longer appropriate. >> to a lot of people, it symbolizes the wrong things. >> reporter: the university ordered it removed after a report found that joe paterno should have done more after it was report that his defensive coach, jerry sandusky, was abusing young boys. >> it should not have come down. >> reporter: the university said it would have been a
texas. wet roads in the four corners. late-day rain will drench highways across much of the northeast. >>> airport delays possible later on in detroit and chicago. >>> victims of the movie theater shooting were remembered at a vigil last night. the mayor said, while our hearts are broken, our community is not. >> with more, here's abc's cecilia vega. >> reporter: there are so many faces, so many stories. the oldest, gordon cowden. he took his two teens with him that night. they escaped. youngest victim, 6 years old, veronica moser-sullivan. her mother, shot in the neck, clings to life. >> she was such a wonderful little girl. so sad she had to have life taken away from her so early. >> jon blunk threw his girlfriend on the floor. matt mcquinn jped on his girl and took the bullet instead. alex teves just finished school. a.j. boik dreamed of being an art teacher. alex sullivan turned 27 on friday. posted on facebook, going to be the best birthday ever. micayla medek was there, too. rebecca wingo was a mother of two. jesse krild resz died a hero, diving in front of a friend. john larime
. no word on a motive. least 13 people dead and tadmor heard after iraq in southern texas. the texas highway patrol said all 23 people were crammed into the bed of the cab of one pickup truck when it veered off the highway and crashed into some trees. border patrol agents are helping in the investigation. it's not clear if those in the truck were illegal immigrants. officials are not sure what started the accident. search is underway for a missing man in oxon hill. a silver alert has been issued for 73-year-old leander cooper, last seen dropping his wife off yesterday morning and washington hospital center in northwest d.c. he suffers from dementia and high blood pressure and was last seen driving a 2006 silver city trailblazer with maryland tags. there are new developments in the campaign scandal surrounding d.c. mayor vincent gray. there are reports that his campaign kept an authorized and possibly even illegal database of public housing residents for get-out-the-vote efforts. the washington post reports the database had names addresses and phone numbers of 6000 residents. the d.c. housing
la carretera en una cop camioneta al menos 40 indocumentados encuentran la muerte en texas. >> pobre realidad, la pobreza estados unidos alcanza loss Índices mÁs altos. >> olimpiadas a las puertas, saludos a la reina isabel operativo de seguridad y mucha expectativa en londres a sÓlo inicios de los juegos olympics. >> la ediciÓn lunes de su noticiero telemundo comienza ya. >> noticiero telemundo con josÉ dÍaz-balart. >> hola ¿quÉ tal? muy buenas tardes, comenzamos en colorado en donde el mundo conociÓ el rostro del sospechoso de la matanza de colorado, james holmes comparecer ante la justicia, en un hecho que dejÓ 12 muertos, 58 heridos el viernes pasado este lunes 25 de los heridos permanecen en el hospital, tenemos una amplÍa cobertura de equipo desde el lugar de la tragedia con vanessa h. y christina londoÑo, comenzamos en donde se centro toda la atenciÓn, ahÍ estÁ christina con los detalles christina adelante. >> gracias josÉ, buenas tardes, james holmes estÁ o trae vez en la cÁrcel sin derecho a libertad bajo fianza y en una celda aislada por su propia protec
. 3 3 a single-car crash in texas... leaves 11 people dead... and 12 others injured. injured.according to the texas highway patrol... á22 peopleá were in this ford f-250 truck... when it went off the highway... hitting 2 large trees.the accident occurred 100 miles south east of san antonio and authorities say the weather was dry and clear at the time of the crash... there is no evidence at the scene of alcohol being involved. the former stepson of singer usher raymond... has died.kile glover was hospitalized more than 2 weeks ago... after the 11-year-old suffered a serious head injury from a boating accident on a georgia lake. the boy's mother... tameka raymond... was married to usher for 2 yeaas. they couple has 2 children together... and divorced in 2009. michael jackson's mother is ánotá missing.. that's the word this morning the los angeles sheriff's department. katherine was reported missing by her nephew after family members were unable to reach her.jermaine jackson says katherine is with her daughter rebbie in arizona.. following doctor's orders to quote áde- stre
bombing. and salt texas, the ford f to 50 had people in the current when they struck a tree. two are among the dead. several of the surviving victims and have critical injuries. andrew peterson is charged with killing his third wife. he is also a suspect in his fourth wife's disappearance. she has not been found. the jury paul has been waiting three years for the trial to begin. opening statements have been set for sometime next week. family members reported kathryn jackson missing on saturday print her son germain said last night that his mother was following doctors' orders to rest up trade she is the legal guardian of michael jackson's children. >>> and no other team has done in nine years, the major milestone for the oakland athletics who had quite a we,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >>> welcome back. check this out, we have a cordial shot were it is 55 degrees in san francisco. it is mostly clear across the bay area where it is in the mid '50s. coming up, we will get a check with your forecast >>> no problems reported on the bay area bridges, will have your report in just a few minutes >>> a visit f
where joshua was hiding. john blackstone, cbs news, aurora, colorado. >>> texas authorities are investigating a pickup truck crash that left 11 dead and 12 injured. the truck, a ford f-250 went off the road 100 miles southeast of san antonio and hit two trees. police say 23 people were crowded into the truck's cabin bed, including some children. it's unclear what caused the crash. >>> it's judgment day for penn state. today the ncaa will levy sanctions against the school in the wake of the jerry sandusky sex abuse scandal. cbs has learned that the sanctions are expected to be severe and unprecedented. ines ferre has the report. >> the 7 foot tall, 900-pound bronze statue of joe pat patd that once stood outside the stadium is gone. it was jackhammered from its foundation and hauled into storage on the eve of the university's judgment day. cbs news has learned penn state's football program will be spared the so-called death penalty, meaning it will not be suspended for a year or more. but a top ncaa officials said the penalties will include probation, loss of football scholars
people in texas. vic is in the news room with the latest. >> reporter: the crash happened in rural south texas. police say a pick up truck carrying illegal immigrants were pack intoed the truck. the -- were packed into the troubling. investigators are trying to determine the cause of the wreck. >> thank you. in pral nine mexican immigrants died in a crash. >> -- >>> some information on the fire aboard a u.s. submarine that cost $400 million in damage. a civilian employee set the fire because he was allegedly suffering from anxiety and wanted to get off work early. 24-year-old casey furry faces up to loif in prison for setting -- life in prison for setting the arson on the uss mie almy. >>> -- mie almy. >>> police -- the uss miami. >>> police believe the two missing girls in iowa were not abducted. >> investigators searching for two missing iowa cousins wants to interview a person paddle boating on the lake who was there 10 somedays ago. >> robin around articled -- or nod has her personal message. sdmrsz we're all waiting -- >> we're all waits for you every -- waiting for you every day. >
antonio, texas. police are still searching for answers in the mysterious death of a woman in north balti. baltimore.the victim's decomposed body was discovered on 29th street on saturday, at the wyman house. residents say they told management about a foul smell coming from one of the apartments, as early as july 16th.the woman, who neighbors call "christie", and say is in her 30's ... was found in a man's apartment. maxine: 18.30 "i couldn't sleep lastnight, cause that was on my mind. mmm hmm."al mcclendon: 14.50 "she had just moved in about six months ago, but i don't really know nothing about her." her."et thomas ferguson: 4.49 "she was always upbeat and friendly. she was never a troublemaker that i could tell." tell."police have a person of interest, but no charges have been filed. 3 penn state university will learn the fate of its football program this morning.... a day after school officials decided the fate of the famous statue of joe paterno. paterno. joel d. smith is live in fell's point with reaction to the statue coming down, and what's to come for the school, and it's ma
texas for the division lead title. however, the giants are still ahead of the dodgers. this quick live look. this time from our roof cam looking at san francisco. a mild start... >> this shark sighting in santa cruz. >> this person knew about this shark about 60 ft. off the coast but decided to go into the water anyway. thousands of other beach course cannot help but notice these sharp warnings posted these sharp warnings these great white shark warnings. >> it is most definitely something that is onboard radar a specially from the attacked a couple of weeks ago. we have all more lifeguards and we are keeping an extra i out. >> this 14-ft great white shark was cruising at 30 ft. of water near that cement ship. near the pier. it was described as non-aggressive of by a shark expert. >> he was just orbiting. kind of fading and disappearing and then he would reappear. >> and he says that it is possible but not likely that it is the same shark that attacked that kayaker also, this march attack on a stee---seal. and is that where they sought it, right here? oral i will take my chances lo >>
are following the story and bring you an update coming up. >>> deadly crash on texas road claim the lives of more thank a dozen people. >>> happening right now the ncaa has just announced sanctions against penn state in the wake of the sex abuse scandal. you are looking at a live picture from that news conference. we now know what the punishment will be. the sanctions include, a 60 million dollar fine. also, a reduction in scholarships, specifically penn state has to reduce 10 and 20 total scholarships each year for four years. and the university's wins from the 1998 through 2011 seasons will be vacated. that means joe paterno will no longer be the leader in wins. also penn state will be banned from bowl games for four years, all because of the sex abuse scandal involving former football coach jerry sandusky. >>> 6:15 in southeastern texas investigators looking into a vehicle accident that killed 12 and injured 10. the texas highway patrol says 22 people were in this ford truck when it went off the road and hit two large trees no sign alcohol was involved. authorities believe a tire blew
in texas. >> plus an iconic symbol removed. the statute of joe paterno comes down. how his family responded. >> also accusations of a cover up regarding the damage fukushima power plant in japan. what workers there were allegedly told to do after the earthquake and [ molly ] wash your paws, mr. man! [ female announcer ] think your kids are getting a dependable clean -in the bathroom? -[ gasps ] [ female announcer ] think again. try charmin ultra strong. for a clean that passes inspection with fewer pieces left behind. its diamondweave texture is soft and more durable versus the ultra rippled brand so it holds up better for a more dependable clean. fewer pieces left behind. now who's the man? you both are. [ female announcer ] we all go. why not enjoy the go with charmin ultra strong? >>> workers today removed the 7- foot tall bronze statute of football coach joe paterno outside penn state's football stadium. the university's president said he ordered the statute removed because it has become a source of division and would be quote a recurring wound to victims of child abuse had it remained.
in texas that claimed 11 lives and the border patrol is involved in the investigation. >> also ahead, a look at this week's forecast, hazy, hot and humid. you know the drill. some showers could be heading our way later in the day. tucker will have more coming up. fox 5 morning news back in just a moment. >>> new this morning, we have an update on a deadly accident in southern texas. the drive of a pickup truck loaded with takes drove off a road and hit two trees. this was about 100 miles southeast of san antonio. at least 11 people were killed. the border patrol has now joined the investigation and officers are looking into whether the victims are illegal immigrants. >>> in cheap arc the heaviest rain in beijing? 06 years has killed 37 people. dozen more are dead outside the capital. the rain fell so quickly over the weekend that people got trapped in their cars and buses. twenty-five of those killed drowned in the flood waters. six died when houses collapsed and five people were electrocuted by downed power lines. >>> live look outside right now. it is a little -- that is fog or haz
not in the winning run. the oakland a's all five games behind texas. the giants also won in 12 innings against the phillies that they could not get the job done. the phillies won the game 4- 3. the giants are still 1.5 games ahead of the dodgers for the division lead. michael jackson's mother katherine was reported missing. coming up with find out where she was found in would take a look a your entertainment news. >>kate: [ male announcer ] now at your neighborhood subway: tonight, take it easy and enjoy your favorite soup, salad and hot, hearty sub. like the toasty big hot pastrami melt. get to your local subway for some dinnertime deliciousness tonight. subway. eat fresh. >>vicki: we can box office results were put on hold because of the are rushing tragedy. michael jackson's mother reported missing and a pop star mourns the death of his former stepson. >> is michael jackson's mother katherine missing as reported to police by her nephew or resting in prison on doctors' orders? michael's 15 year-old daughter paris says she is worried because the grandchildren have not he
por las burlas de su voz. >> en texas el psiquiatra asesinó a 13 personas, su motivo fue el enojo por su partida a afganistán. >> este que mató a seis personas en tucson y estaba descontento con el sistema y también fue víctima de bullying y ahora a james holmes que asesina a 12 personas. >> estas personas tienen a estar dfrustrados y el mundo son los responsables de sus mala fortuna. >> desde miami florida, galo arellano. >> el líder del movimiento cristiano de liberación, murió al tener un accidente automovilístico. >> en instantes, capturan en colombia importante cabecilla de crimen. >> comienza la cuenta regresiva para que los jóvenes se beneficien de nueva política del gobierno federal. >> . >> pasamos ahora a las noticias de américa latina, en colombia capturan a un importante jefe del narcotráfico es diron alberto, el indio quien fue capturado cerca de medellín y es responsable de 60 homicidios. >> en méxico la policía dijo que unos 50 hombres llegaorn en ocho vehículos y abrieron fuego contra los clientes y habían también policías y luego los delincuent
to land >> covering the nation, 13 are dead and 10 are hurt in a single vehicle crashes in south texas. 23 people were crammed into a bed and cab of his pickup truck. when the loss control, it crashed into the tree. border patrol agents are working with the department of public safety to determine if the victims were illegal immigrants. police say they are not sure if the driver survived. meanwhile, an airplane lands on a california freeway after running out of gas. four people were in their plan as the airplane touched down. luckily, traffic was light and no cars were hit. the airplane was headed for carlsbad. the world's largest aids conference began in washington today. researchers, doctors, and patients will push the world governments not to push back against the fight against the epidemic, which they say is that a turning point. researchers have yet to come up with a vaccine for the disease but say they have the tools to find the stem the spread of hiv. still to come, a new drug to treat cancer approved by the fda, and the safety investigation involving chrysler. and most of the phelp
. >>> at least 11 people are killed and a dozen injured when a pickup truck crashes in texas. >> plus an iconic symbol removed. the statute of joe paterno comes down. how his family responded. >> also accusations of a cover up regarding the damage fukushima power plant in japan. what workers there were allegedly told to do after the earthquake and tsunami. >> we're wrapping up a warm to hot weekend coming up a temperature change you will notice for tomorrow and a timing of another major cooling trend. [ male announcer ] it would be easy for u.s. olympian meb keflezighi to deposit checks at the nearest citibank branch. ♪ like this one. ♪ or this one. ♪ or, maybe this one. ♪ but when it's this easy to use citibank mobile check deposit at home...why would he? ♪ woooo! [ male announcer ] citibank mobile check deposit. easier banking. every step of the way. >>> workers today removed the 7- foot tall bronze statute of football coach joe paterno outside penn state's football stadium. the university's president said he ordered the statute removed because it has become a source of division and
in texas. a puck i can truck carrying 23 people and we have just learned two more people in the truck died, that brings the total of 13 people died, the truck crashed into two trees along a highway in texas. it is not known why the truck driver lost control. >>> oakland police are searching for two men who shot at a highway patrol car. it happened at the high street on ramp. highway patrol officer was chasing a white van when a black acura appeared. then someone inside the car started shooting at the officer. his rear window was shattered. officer saw the van and the men inside the acura are still on the loose. >> time now 6:17 and they have put gun control back in the national spotlight. and in our washington d.c. newsroom, to tell us what the newsroom is saying... >> president barack obama is committed to preventing gun crimes with existing laws. it is unlikely we'll see any big changes. during his trip, his role is to console the families but the alleged shooter's massive arsenal has raged new concern about the accessibility of ammunition. he reportedly purchased thousands of ammunition
. >> a truck carrying people over turns in texas. >> it's a humid around and the gun is finally out. stick around for bob's updated first warning weather coming right up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, [ female announcer ] before allegra, allergies kept emma from enjoying the fun. after allegra, she's back catching fireflies. effective, long-lasting, non-drowsy relief. after children's allegra, kids have it all. >>> shattered glass are all that's left after a pipeline ruptured in texas. it sent flames 100 feet in the air. residents are just now returning to their homes after being evacuated. lightening struck a control valve causing it to ignite. >>> cis says 24-year-old casey james is caused with two counts of arson aboard the uss miami. estimates put the damage at $400 million. no motive has been released. >>> investigators are working to identify the suicide bomber responsible for a deadly bus explosion. andrea is in the news room with the latest. >> reporter: investigators are analyzing video from the bus station. from that experts put a skrech together of the -- skach -- sketch together of the person
crash along the texas border leaving 13 dead. >> why authorities think some of people were crammed into one pickup truck. >> if you see police activity, what are you allowed to do? the aclu wants to make sure police officers know your rights. i'm barry simms with the details at 6:00. at 6:00. [ female announcer ] letting her home be turned into a training facility? ♪ this olympian's mom has been doing it for years. she's got bounty. in this lab demo, one sheet of new bounty leaves this surface cleaner than two sheets of the leading ordinary brand. bounty has trap and lock technology to soak up big spills and lock them in. let the spills begin. p&g. proud sponsor of the olympic games. >> authorities in texas investigating a deadly late night crash leaving as many as 13 dead. they say the accident only involve the one vehicle. it's still unclear whether anyone inside the pickup truck was an undocumented immigrant, but it's a strong possibility. 23 people were packed in the board to under 50 pick up which crashed into a tree. among those killed, two young children which happened 150
was seeing the movie with his two teenaged children, 51-year-old gordon stanley says he was a true texas gentleman. 18-year-old alexander boyd, a recent high school graduate was described as a ball of joy by friends. his girlfriend, who was at the theater with him, survived. everyone expected them to get married. serving alongside him was 29- year-old jessie childress. he was a cybersystems operator. 32-year-old rebecca wingo was a mother two of and described as having a bubbly personality. she worked in customer relations. >>> some of our other top stories, at least 11 people were killed and 12 others injured when the driver of a pickup truck drove off the road and hit two trees. this is a photograph of the crash scene. it happened in a rural town about 100 miles southeast of san antonio. the accident may have been caused by a blown tire. >>> the ncaa shut down penn state's football program. at the very least, the school will get hit way $30 million fine in the fallout over the sandusky child abuse scandal. the sanctions will be announced at 9:00 a.m. at a press conference. we'll carry
know about him so far. also another person as died after that shocking crash in texas involving a pickup truck crammed with 23 people. we'll get details in our news around the nation. [ cellphone rings ] the wife. hey, babe. got the jetta. i wiped the floor with the guy! not really. i would've been fine with 0% for 36 months, but i demanded 60. no...i didn't do that. it was like taking candy from a baby. you're a grown man. alright, see you at home. [ male announcer ] the volkswagen autobahn for all event. we good? we're good. [ male announcer ] at 0% apr for 60 months, no one needs to know how easy it was to get your new volkswagen. that's the power of german engineering. ...more talk on social security... ...but washington isn't talking to the american people. [ female announcer ] when it comes to the future of medicare and social security, you've earned the right to know. ♪ what does it mean for you and your family? [ female announcer ] you've earned the facts. ♪ washington may not like straight talk, but i do. [ female announcer ] and you've earned a say. get the f
morning america" as well. >>> we're following a developing story from south texas on this monday morning. at least 11 people have died after their truck veered off the highway and slammed into two large trees. another 12 were injured in the accident. it all happened last night in a rural area just about 70 miles outside of corpus christi. the driver was ejected. but apparently survived. border patrol agents were sent to the scene to see if the victims had entered the country. >>> penn state can expect tough penalties for turning a blind eye to child sex abuse allegations. the ncaa will detail the punishment this morning, a day after the university carted away a statue of legendary head coach joe paterno. more from david kerley. >> reporter: behind a blue tarp of shame, the statue of paterno, who built powerhouse penn state, covered in plastic and hauled away as the university deals with the stain of scandal. >> we are letting the haters run the university. >> to a lot of people it symbolizes the wrong things. >> reporter: that's what the new university president said, that leaving the st
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in rural south texas. the cause of the accident is being investigated but a trooper at the scene said a blown out tire may be to blame. witnesses claim the truck's cab and bed were packed with illegal immigrants but that's yet to be confirmed by officials. u.s. immigrations and customs enforcement is taking part in the investigation. >>> here's a look at stories making news in america. in new orleans a 17 story building came crashing down on purpose. crews imploded the old palace hotel, also known as grand palace, to make room for a new medical center. >>> in florida a hospital that stood for 40 years met its own demise. the seven-story facility was turned to rubble in less than ten seconds after closing its doors two years ago. >>> also in florida, big trouble on a small runway when a massive c-17 military cargo jet landed at the wrong airport and nearly ran out of runway. the pilot thought he was arriving at mcdeel air force, but that's about four miles away. the crew was able to later successfully take off. >>> in massachusetts a woman fought back with mangos. after seeing two men
to date. cocoa crest not in the winning run. these are now six games behind texas for the lead. the giants also went 12 innings against the phillies but they could not get the job done. the phillies 14-3. in >>vicki: the battle over oil in the arctic. >>stanley: now that bicycle lists have my undivided attention, it is important that we go over the rules of engagement in the next edition of people behaving badly. >>vicki: the tequila battles bills beyond the borders of mexico. companies are getting around the word tequilas to serve similar drinks. we will show you how mexico is fighting back to protect its national beverage. >>vicki: two men are in custody after someone opened fire on an officer. >>vicki: an early morning crash killed two road workers. happened on the floor of five. authorities say in and see the rear ended a car cause in a car to spin out of control into a construction zone. to road workers were killed and the third suffered minor injuries. the driver of the sdp was arrested. >>brian: cooler temperatures on the way, more on the forecast coming up. >>vicki: reggie kumar is
when it went off the road and slammed into two trees in rural south texas. the cause of the accident is being investigated but a trooper at the scene says a blown-out tire could be to blame. witnesses claim the truck's cab and bed were packed with illegal immigrants but that has yet to be confirmed by usuals. u.s. customs officials are taking part in the investigation. >>> here's a look at the other news going on around america today. in new orleans a 17-story building came crashing down on purpose. crews imploded the old palace hotel, also known as the grand palace, to make room for a new medical center. >>> in florida a hospital that stood for four years met its own demise. the seven-story facility was turned to rubble in less than four seconds after closing its doors two years ago. >>> also in florida, big trouble on a small runway when a massive c-17 military cargo jet landed at the wrong airport and nearly ran out of runway. the pilot apparently thought he was arriving at mcdale air force base four miles away. the airport he landed at is reserved for smaller planes and helicopte
small-business says. -- for its small businesses. with the annual mailing sent by the texas treasurer's office to food establishments, we mailed over 3000 food establishments in several different languages, information about needs for accessibility requirements, warnings of the potential lawsuits, and -- until we get that information to the businesses. we had three businesses contact us after receiving the mailings. since 2008, our office has conducted 51 presentations and/or workshops. i have listed here that 28 had been city-wide presentations and on the left-hand side is the district and the number of presentations per district. for businesses have access the loan program, 40 businesses have utilized the bar association pose a legal services, we had 25 articles in print media, 10 in the chinese press, seven in the chronicle sf gate, and in the examiner. we have not done enough outrage and effort -- outreach and effort into the ethnic, primarily the legend media. that is the third biggest business sector. we did a panel presentation on your legal rights with chuck finney and our off
. >>> at least is 11 people are dead and 12 others injured in a crash in southern texas. state police there reported heavy-duty truck blew a tire and slammed into a tree last night just north of corpus christi. all 23 people including several children were inside the truck at the time of the crash. many of the survivors have light threatening injuries. immigration and customs officials are also taking part in this investigation. >>> today penn state will find out its punishment for allegedly covering up abuse by assistant football cove jerry sandusky. the ncaa will announce sanctions this morning. those sanctions are expected to be severe and could include a hefty fine, a loss of scholarships and a ban on bowl games. they will not likely include the so-called death penalty, that one involves suspending the entire football program for at least one year. this morning's announcement will come a day after penn state removed the statue of former head coach joe paterno from the front of the school's stadium. they say the statue has become a division and an obstacle to healing. a question of
following a pickup truck crash in south texas. this happened overnight near the town of goliad, 100 miles southeast of san antonio. all those injured were in the same ford f-250 ford pickup. police have not telling us how bad the other people are doing. this case remains under investigation. >>> bowing to the wishes of many over the observations of others penn state university made a symbolic move many said they had to do. sherrie johnson is here with exactly what the university did in an effort to move forward>> reporter: well, today the ncaa plans to announce sanctions against penn state and its football program. meanwhile, the statue of the late legendary football coach joe paterno is gone taken down sunday morning by the university many they used tarp keepingunder wraps as much of the activity as possible. an independent report found paterno should have done more when he heard jerry sandusky was abusing young boys. he was fired after 51 years 45 as head coach. the removal attracted a crowd of people. some felt it needed to go and others thought it was. >> he jerk reaction. -- knee jer
a terrible car crash in texas. a pickup crash crammed with 23 people ran off the road and slammed into trees, killing at least 14 of them, among them, three children. police on the scene called it the worst traffic accident think that ever encountered. officials believe all the passengers were immigrating illegally. >>> still ahead, take a look as thieves steal a purse. and pick pocket this unsuspecting man. a new warning about pick rocketing at the olympics and the tricks they could use on anyone any where. [ male announcer ] this is rudy. his morning starts with arthritis pain. and two pills. afternoon's overhaul starts with more pain. more pills. triple checking hydraulics. the evening brings more pain. so, back to more pills. almost done, when... hang on. stan's doctor recommended aleve. it can keep pain away all day with fewer pills than tylenol. this is rudy. who switched to aleve. and two pills for a day free of pain. ♪ and get the all day pain relief of aleve in liquid gels. ♪ tyou wouldn't want your adoctor doing your job, hello... so why are you doing hers? only your doctor can
news for city. in terms of other cities growing quickly as well -- boston, plano, texas, denver, raleigh north carolina, top five. good news for new orleans, keep on coming back. >> great city there. been there twice. loved it. >> big easy, nothing like it. >> food is great. >> yes. >> there is a physiological explanation for men and women out there, after you have your relations, men physiologically want to fall asleep. >> grandma. when you have relations. >> scientists -- they scanned men's brains before and during an orgasm. >> this brain. >> that brain, not the other one. the thinking area shuts down. they say men do need to sleep after sex because it is designed to switch off at that point a companied by a surge of chemicals which could have a powerful sleep inducing effect. for women it is the opposite. which is why, women want more. and guys are like i need to go to bed. you have an excuse now, men. >> thank god. i need a little sandwich, nap, see you in a couple hours. later. >> and don't talk so much, right? >> shh. and there is a french guy, crazy stunt people, somethi
a crash in south texas. that happened in the town of goal add 100 -- goal goe lee add in -- goliad. all victims were in the same pickup truck. police are not saying how bad conditions are this morning. >>> it's 4:32. we are getting new information out of aurora colorado. that shooting that killed 12 and injured 58. james holmes sits in solitary confinement and the president arrived in colorado sunday offering support and condolences to those who lost their lives. sherrie johnson is here this morning and many of us couldn't take our eyes off the newsreports as they kept unfolding this past weekend. >> reporter: that's right. we learned this morning 24-year- old james holmes, theaccused shooter will appear in court. university of colorado officials are look into whether he used his position to collect hazardous materials. officials are not saying whether they knew the suspect in a mass theater shooting was anything more than a hard work student. holmes has not been cooperating with police and they say it could take months to learn the exact motive for his alleged attack. early friday on a
are dead after a pickup truck left a highway crashing into a tree in southeastern texas. this happened last night in near goliad, about 100 miles southeast of san atono. all victims were in the same f- 250 forward pickup and another 12 people were hurt. some of them have life- threatening injuries. well as the man who is accused of going on a shooting rampage inside a colorado theater, prepares to head to court, the national debate over gun control is intensifying. scripps investigative unit went undercover in virginia to buy a type of high capacity gun clip that can hold up to 30 bins billets. there's no. [ -- bullets. there's no background check and four 40 dollars you can buy it and in virginia it's legal. in 2004 a nationwide gun clips of more than 10 rounds expired now 6 days including maryland has a ban. >> we need leadership and action to strengthen the gun law to stop this from happening again. >> legislation in congress toreinstate a ban on high capacity clips stalled in both chambers ever since the recall call for the ban. >>> today we will learn more about the sanctions placed on
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